Mastering your Member Experience: How 23W Keep Members Accountable and Reaching Their Goals Faster with ABC Trainerize

Maximizing client engagement Starts with finding the perfect technology partner

23W is an Australia-based, hybrid fitness studio for Women! The studio is lead by founder/owner, Ange Drake. Ange is a highly skilled fitness professional with experience and qualifications in pre and post natal exercise, nutrition, Level 1  Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 Powerlifting, mat Pilates, boxing and more. 

In the early days, 23W quickly established a high standard of quality for their in-person coaching. They wanted to find a tech solution that would empower them to maintain that standard of coaching through online training. Enter ABC Trainerize!

Fast forward to today, and 23W has been able to effectively integrate a hybrid training model by streamlining their processes and maximizing client engagement, in and out of the gym. They've attributed 10-20% of their total revenue growth to ABC Trainerize, which has allowed them
to hire and retain new coaches, and ultimately provide more value to their members.


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