Alexandra Bruin Uses ABC Trainerize to Get Her Yoga Therapy Clients Moving—And It’s Working

ALexandra Bruin

Yoga teacher Alexandra Bruin discovered her fitness niche in a way that many businesses are born. She saw a gap in the industry, and realized she could fill it. Alexandra specializes in what she calls yoga therapy. She focuses on injuries and conditions affecting spines and joints, often for mature clients.


A few years ago, she started to develop an interest in providing yoga training to students with limited mobility, injuries, and spinal conditions. “Those students weren’t being served anywhere else, and I decided, ‘You know what, I’m going to help these students.’”


Alexandra lives her mission to help others every day with her online and in-person clients. Her goal to provide accessible, valuable, and cost-effective yoga teaching has become a reality because of ABC Trainerize.

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