Up and Adam: How a Taco-Loving Trainer Is Helping His Clients Stay Active While Staying Home

Up and Adam

Fitness and tech go hand in hand. First, because technology is built into every aspect of our lives, and second, because distanced fitness solutions became a necessity this year. The fit tech growth trend was already well underway prior to the pandemic, but for many, this year presented an opportunity to move online to better support clients during a tough time.

If there was ever a time to make the shift to online training, 2020 was it. Case in point: Adam Meadows, owner of Up and Adam Coaching.

Adam has been providing his services online for well over a year. He is passionate about creating a powerful community built around killer workouts, healthy habits, and a love for food! “I’m not the guy who’s telling you to drink green juice and limit your carbs…my ultimate goal is to help people ditch that overwhelmed feeling and simplify their approach to nutrition and fitness.”

After perusing his website (and learning of his love for donuts), we couldn’t wait to chat with Adam to learn more about:

    • his humorous and positive approach to fitness

    • how Trainerize has helped him build his brand

    • how he's expanded his services and engaged his clients


Read Up and Adam Coaching's full story and see how you can do the same in your own business. 


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