Family Values Keep GFT SPORT Crushing Goals

GFT Sports

Take a look at their Instagram feed, and you might think GFT SPORT specializes in fitness competition training. But in fact, at GFT, it’s not just about perfecting bodies—it’s about coaching clients to tackle obstacles, reach goals, and enrich their lifestyles. 

“Our team, they’re all my family,” says Vincent Charles Grant II. “We’re in love with what we do.” Vincent, or Coach V as he’s known on GFT’s social media channels, is the head coach at GFT SPORT, and he’s passionate about health and fitness. When you talk to him, it’s immediately clear how much he loves his clients and his team. 

Learn how GFT SPORT put ABC Trainerize to work to implement:

- Better communication
- Stronger client retention, and
- Delight their community

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