Transforming Member Experiences: How the Cobalt Club Revolutionized their Business through ABC Trainerize

Going digital starts with finding the perfect technology partner

The Cobalt Club took advantage of ABC Trainerize's advanced features to propel their business growth. 

How did they do it? 

  • Offer a Hybrid, holistic coaching model: Cobalt Club has grown their fitness business by offering multiple services from nutrition coaching to online personal training.

  • Running Challenges: They've utilized challenges to 'mass teach' and educate their communities about nutrition and how to achieve their body composition goals. They run 6 week long challenges about 5-6 times per year which has allowed them to revolutionize the way they engage their members.

  • Customized User Experience: Taking advantage of their custom branded app, Cobalt Club now offers an incomparable user experience where their clients feel connected to their brand and part of something bigger.


The Cobalt Club has created a business model that not only helps their clients reach their goals, but has developed a systemized strategy to help them expand their fitness business beyond the walls of their studio!


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