How to Build a Strong Revenue Strategy for Large Fitness Clubs & Franchises in 2023

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Discover a variety of fitness strategies you can use to reach and resonate with new and existing members.

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Does your fitness business have a strong revenue strategy for 2023?  


The over-saturated fitness economy makes it difficult for clubs, gyms, and franchises to stand out these days.  Creating multiple streams of revenue and services for your business is a must for the year ahead. 


What you can expect to learn from this webinar: 

  • Revenue recommendations for your fitness business 

  • Fitness trends and predictions for 2023 

  • Key features to look for when pursuing new revenue streams

  • Member-focused insights for providing premium offerings to new and existing clientele 

  • Improve retention when you provide trainers with a powerful platform to better support their day-to-day performance 

  • Questions to ask your management team and key decisions makers 

  • Much More! 

Meet Your Hosts

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Rich Tennent 

Strategic Account Manager @ Trainerize


Farhad Gulamhusein

VP of Global Sales @ Trainerize

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