How Fire Team Whiskey Keeps Clients in the Headspace for Success Using ABC Trainerize



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A Healthy Body Starts with a Healthy Mind

Stephanie Lincoln has dedicated her life to the service of others, as an army veteran, a certified personal trainer, a licensed mental health counselor, and now as the founder of Fire Team Whiskey.


As Fire Team Whiskey started to take off a couple years back, and Stephanie started to build up a client base, she realized she needed help streamlining her operations and a better way of communicating with her growing clientele. She needed a holistic solution for her clients. This is when a fellow veteran and fitness business owner recommended ABC Trainerize.


Today, Stephanie can easily run Fire Team Whiskey’s trauma resolution and coaching programs, nutrition programs and fitness programs — both in-person and online. She also runs challenges in the community throughout the year to spark motivation and build connections.

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