How to Earn More Revenue
with Clients and Members You Already Have

Learn how you can make $20,000 more this year with one simple change in billing frequency

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Discover how to grow your fitness business with your current clients.

Join Cale Owen, CEO of Gym Launch, for an exclusive webinar to learn how he helps gym owners open new revenue streams with their current membership base.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to properly price your gym membership
  • How to expand on your current product and service offerings
  • How to master upselling to your current members without coming on too strong

Plus, Cale shares some expert tips on billing frequency to help your gym earn an additional $20,000/year!

Are you ready to earn more with your membership base?




Cale Owen - Gymlaunch X ABC Trainerize
  • Cale Owen, CEO of Gym Launch
  • Cale Owen started his career as a professional baseball player and later became a gym owner. ​
  • Cale's journey with Gym Launch started as a client in 2017. Using Gym Launch, he transformed his gym, and soon after, his career.
He quickly expanded from sales to CEO of Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and GymOwners.com in less than 4 years. Now, he is focused on helping gym owners reach more people, change more lives, and build wildly profitable businesses. 

Learn how to generate more revenue through your current gym members