Growing Step by Step: How I Increased My Fitness Business by 480% in a year

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Johnny Loreti is a certified personal trainer based in Boston and he owns his own fitness business, Anthrofit Training, a full service health and wellness company providing services to people's private training facilities. Johnny manages all his clients through ABC Trainerize and he spoke with us about his experience so far.

How did you start personal training?

I started personal training when I was sick of my desk job. For hours on end, I sat there, waiting for the day to be over so that I could hit the gym and enjoy myself. I always had a passion for fitness. Since I was young, I always competed in athletics and dreamed of having a career in fitness. It was fed to me that a 4 year college degree with a focus on something “practical” like engineering was the only path to success. Once I allowed my passions to guide me in my career,  I actually achieved that success.


How many clients did you have before finding out about ABC Trainerize? How many do you have now?


When I signed up for ABC Trainerize I had 3 clients. I offer a premium service and I saw ABC Trainerize as an opportunity to deliver that level of quality service to them.


I currently have 25 clients that I actively train on ABC Trainerize. Keep in mind, they don’t get a generic workout like a lot of other online trainers, they all get a personal customized plan.


How did you do that in a year?


I read a ton of books on entrepreneurship and how to be successful in a startup. It’s all about exposure and creating relationships with people. I set goals for myself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Sometimes, I didn’t achieve them, but for the most part I did. Simple things such as handing out one business card every single day can go a long way.


Do you train clients in other cities?


I train clients all across the US! I even have clients in other countries such as India, China, and Scotland.





How much more has online training added to your business?


For me personally, online training has not added too much to my business, yet. I’m very much into a personal experience and have not marketed myself intensely to have a huge online following.


What technology do you use for your training?


ABC Trainerize is the main platform that I use for training clients. I’m able to track their training regime, their body composition, progress pictures and upload their custom diets. I also encourage my clients to invest in a smart scale such as the
one Withings offers. I’m a huge fan of their
products, and this particular scale syncs with ABC Trainerize flawlessly so that the client doesn’t need to worry about manually uploading their weight or body fat.


What do you do to keep clients motivated?


I like to periodically check in with my clients regarding their progress. I’ll show them old workouts we did together so that they can see how much stronger they’ve gotten. I will regularly take screen shots of their progress within ABC Trainerize and text it to them during the day to encourage them to keep up the good work. Sometimes we need to remember where we came from to truly appreciate our progress.


What’s one thing you do to motivate yourself – how do you aim to reach your personal best?


Every day I remind myself that I’m so blessed to be given the ability to choose. I’ve taken control and decided to be better than I was yesterday and I believe every one can do the same. Choose to be great!



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