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We are reaching out to provide an update regarding the MyFitnessPal meal diary data sync issue – a recent change that has impacted the way you view your clients’ meal details. Learn more about the situation, our response, and the available options for you. 👇 


🥗️ What Happened and Our Commitment to Nutrition Coaching 


Until recently, we've been able to provide an in-depth integration with MyFitnessPal, enabling you to effortlessly access and view your clients' full meal details, including calorie breakdowns of foods, right within the ABC Trainerize app. This feature empowered our community of personal trainers to more effectively monitor clients' dietary choices, ultimately enabling clients make a meaningful impact on their nutrition. The 30+ million meals we sync monthly to ABC Trainerize validates our approach that embraces optionality in the digital fitness ecosystem through the power of connected technology. 


🚧 The Unforeseen Challenge 


However, life is full of surprises, and we've encountered an unexpected obstacle with our MyFitnessPal integration. MyFitnessPal has made a recent change that limits third-party integrations from syncing a substantial amount of meal details. While calories and macro details remain unaffected, the meal diary (the food that was actually consumed for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks etc.), is no longer visible inside ABC Trainerize.


While this change affects all MyFitnesPal connected platforms to some degree, our app feels this impact sooner and more profoundly due to the sheer size of our amazing community of over 400,000 personal trainers and more than 2 million clients who trust our platform, resulting in an impressive 30 million meals being synced into ABC Trainerize each month.  


🤝 What We Are Doing About This 


We understand that food is a critical part of how you coach and drive results for your clients, and we're committed to finding a solution that allows you to achieve the same end goal: quickly viewing the full meal details from MyFitnessPal. We are currently exploring an alternative solution, given the current limitations and reliability of the integration. We'll be sending more information very soon detailing our progress on this, and when you can expect it.  


We are also actively attempting to engage in a dialogue with MyFitnessPal to discuss how a collaborative partnership between our products can benefit the broader fitness ecosystem. As of now, we are still awaiting their response.  


However, we believe in the power of our community to facilitate change. This is where you come in. Your support is invaluable. We encourage you to connect with MyFitnessPal’s support team and submit a ticket to express your desire for MyFitnessPal and ABC Trainerize to work together on the integration! 


🍽️ Your Current Options  


Consider using our ABC Trainerize in-app full meal tracker for a seamless, native meal tracking experience. Clients can track their meals and you can view all their daily meals as well as breakdowns of calories, macro and micronutrients.


If you and your clients prefer to continue to use MyFitnessPal, you do have the option to access the meal diary information through their public profile

💛 Thank you for your patience and understanding  


We understand the significance of this integration sync in your coaching service. We want to reiterate our commitment to finding a solution that provides the same result of allowing you to view meal details from MyFitnessPal. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation. 


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help.  



The Team at ABC Trainerize