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Elevate Your Fitness Business:
A Complete Pricing Guide for Personal Trainers and Online Coaches

You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the training, and you’re ready to start helping clients change their lives and crush their fitness goals. Only problem is…you don’t know
what to charge for your products or services. 


And you’re not alone. One of the toughest decisions new entrepreneurs have to make is how to price their products and services.  


Your pricing needs to be realistic—but it also needs to be motivating. There’s no point choosing pricing that’s so high that no one will pay it, but there’s also no victory in charging—or earning—too little. Finding that sweet spot can feel like an algebra problem without a solution, but we’re here to tell you, it can be done. 


In this guide we'll walk you through some of the approaches you can take as you set your own pricing. We’ll look at all different types of products and services, so, whether you train clients in-person, online, or do both, we’ll help you figure your pricing out. 

This guide consists of 3 key parts:

- Part 1: What to base your pricing on
- Part 2: How to set your hourly rate
- Part 3: How to set your flat rate

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