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Nutrition plays a major role in your clients' fitness progress—but are you really taking advantage of all nutrition coaching has to offer?

Nutrition coaching is a new revenue stream, a sales tool, and a client engagement booster, all rolled into one. By integrating nutrition coaching services into your offering, you can increase lifetime client value and diversify your revenue—while building stronger relationships with your clients! 

In this comprehensive 7-part guide, you'll learn how to integrate nutrition coaching into your service offering to supercharge your fitness business!

Part 1: Why Nutrition Coaching is Key to Client Success and Business Growth

Part 2: Getting Started with Nutrition Coaching

Part 3: How to be Mindful of Client Needs When Offering Nutrition Coaching

Part 4: How to Coach Clients on Nutrition with Meal Photos

Part 5: The Basics of Meal Planning

Part 6: How to Upsell with Nutrition Coaching

Part 7: How to Price Your Nutrition Coaching Packages


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