How Totum Health is Using Trainerize Studio to Successfully Scale Their Operations

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The pandemic brought more than its fair share of stress, and some of us adopted a few poor habits during the various stages of lockdown and quarantine. Given the challenges that the past year brought, it’s understandable why health has jumped to the top of people’s priority list. Many of us have a renewed—or maybe a brand-new—focus on fitness.

However, it takes more than just regular strength training and hitting 10,000 steps a day to be healthy; there are several other areas that impact your overall wellness. There isn’t a fitness professional in the industry who would argue that physical activity isn’t a key part of ensuring health, but nutrition, sleep, relaxation, and mental and emotional well-being all come into play as well. That’s why Totum Health takes a more holistic approach when working with their members.

We sat down with Co-Owner Brett Whipp to find out how Totum Health has utilized Trainerize to:

  • scale their operations,
  • improve their members’ experience, and
  • integrated MINDBODY with Trainerize to seamlessly run online fitness challenges.

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