How a Custom Branded App Helped Train 4 Your Best Thrive in 2020

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It’s 2021—fitness and tech go hand in hand. First, because technology is built into every aspect of our lives, and second, because distanced fitness solutions became a necessity this year. The fit tech growth trend was already well underway prior to the pandemic, but for many, this year presented an opportunity to move online to better support clients during a tough time.

As a Body Coach at Train 4 Your Best, Alex Tarras knows how important fitness is to ensuring health and happiness. “If you want to be on top of your game, whether that’s on the field or in the office, you have to take care of your body.”

When the pandemic hit, Train 4 Your Best quickly reached out to Trainerize for help developing and launching a custom branded app—a feature that’s included in all Studio plans.

We sat down with Alex to find out how the app is:

  • helping Train 4 Your Best improve the customer experience, 
  • increasing client engagement, and
  • growing their brand—all during the age of social-distancing.

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