See How TriCore Built Their Corporate Wellness Business Using ABC Trainerize

As fitness professionals, it can be hard to find the free time to focus on your business growth or enjoy your downtime. When you aren't actively training clients, you don't get paid. This mentality makes it really hard to clear up time to strategize and really focus on the growth of your business. 


When TriCore Wellness Founder, Chris Edwards found Trainerize, he was looking for a way to keep revenue flowing while training clients to help grow his business but also find a better work/life balance. 


TriCore Wellness has built a high functioning corporate wellness business using the Trainerize software. They have developed a strategy with a custom app where they can better connect with their clients to create accountability, build a community within each company, and train their clients holistically. 


The results? Since building their business with Trainerize, TriCore Wellness has grown 30-40% year over year. 


Interested to see how it's done? Watch as Chris reveals the principles and features they've used to grow their corporate wellness business. 


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