TriCore + Trainerize: A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

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At Trainerize, we’re all about making fitness accessible for everyone, so it likely comes as no surprise that we’re big believers in workplace wellness. Our friends at TriCore Wellness feel the same.

Beyond being an essential part of an enjoyable workplace, wellness programs can help employees improve their overall health, reduce absenteeism and turnover due to unplanned illness, increase workplace productivity, and build relationships between colleagues. When Trainerize was searching to live our values through a workplace wellness program provider, we were immediately drawn to TriCore Wellness. Like Trainerize, TriCore understands the value of integrating technology, health data, and professional coaching to create a full-circle wellness experience.

We sat down with TriCore Owner and Founder Chris Edwards to find out:

  • how his company got started,
  • what the pandemic meant for business, and
  • what lies ahead for this fitness pro.

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