Transforming Member Experiences: How the Cobalt Club Revolutionized their Business through ABC Trainerize

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See how the Cobalt Club revolutionized their business through ABC Trainerize

When Cobalt Club founder, Amber Coates-Reid found ABC Trainerize, she was looking for a way to expand her fitness studio beyond in-person training.


The Cobalt Club has built a high-functioning group personal training facility using the ABC Trainerize. They’ve developed a strategy with a custom app where they can better engage with their clients, book them into classes, train them holistically, and build a community around their member base.


The results? Since leveraging the power of ABC Trainerize & ABC Glofox, Cobalt Club has seen their business grow tenfold. Their Hybrid training model has allowed them to reach new audiences and become more than an in-person studio. 


Interested to see how it's done? Watch as Amber reveals the principles and features they've used to grow their community!

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