Skills that Sell: Professional Development Tips for Personal Trainers

with Mike Fantigrassi, NASM


TZC Business Session NASM_LP2

Learn about the best courses, specializations, and skills to prioritize for your growth, both as a health professional and entrepreneur.  


In his current role, Mike oversees the creation of courses for the NASM and AFAA brands, so we could not have a better partner in a dialogue about the challenges, opportunities, and trends in learning and development for personal trainers. 



Here's what you'll learn:


  • The main challenges personal trainers face
  • Most sought-after courses and specializations for PTs
  • Trends and Expectations for 2024, such as GLP-1 Agonists, Data, Technology and Wearables integrations and so much more! 

Meet the Guest


Landing Page About the Guest Mike Fantigrassi NASMMike Fantigrassi

Senior Director of Product Development, NASM

Mike received his Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition from Florida State University and holds a Master of Science in Exercise Science from Penn West.  He is a 20+ year veteran of the fitness industry working as a fitness manager, personal trainer, and nutrition coach prior to joining NASM in 2010.  At NASM, he has led student support, online instructor-led programs, and NASM live events, and is a frequent subject matter expert for magazines, books, and articles.