How Not to Get Sued!

The best legal practices for your fitness business

Learn how to ensure your business is legally equipped so that you can focus on priority number one - training your clients!



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Are you adequately prepared & protected with best legal practices?


With new laws and regulations as well as the rise of the digital age, it's more important than ever to have the best legal practices in place to ensure your fitness business and assets are protected, and your community and clients are safe.


Our friend Cory Sterling, Lawyer at Conscious Counsel, is here for you to explain the law in an easy-to-understand fashion… and even make it a fun process.


The goal of this webinar is to help guide you on how to be safe and secure in your daily business operations so you can focus on doing what you love and serving clients!


In this webinar, you'll learn about:


  • How to understand the different types of client relationships and why you need to get everything in writing
  • What the nuances are of each type of relationship
  • What to include & update in your Waiver of Liability to ensure you're covered


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Meet the Speakers


HArmonie (2)Cory Sterling

Lawyer @ Conscious Counsel


Cory Sterling is a lawyer, small business owner, group fitness instructor and yoga teacher. He wrote The Yoga Law Book and has served hundreds of clients in the health and yoga space all across the world, the majority of whom teach and own or operate a fitness/health studio. He has presented at conferences around the world, teaching about the law in a FUN and practical way.




TiffaniTiffani Bassi

Certified Personal Trainer + Product Education Specialist @ ABC Trainerize


Tiffani is a Product Education Specialist at ABC Trainerize. She’s also the founder & personal trainer at Train with Tiff. Four years into her career, looking to make an even bigger impact, she was drawn to working in the fitness technology industry and joined the team at ABC Trainerize. Tiffani is passionate about movement and helping others—at ABC Trainerize, she empowers thousands of trainers to better support their clients—resulting in more people finding success in their health and fitness journeys. rs to professional athletes. She is certified through                                                                                                             BCRPA as well as FMS Level 1&2 and Precision Nutrition Level 1.