How to Dominate your Niche and get 10,000 Fans

With Brian Silva



Brian Silva Class


Brian Silva is an incredible example of somebody who has taken his training experience and turned it into a scalable and profitable niche business online.


Brian is a pararescueman who has created a blog and brand around the topic, helping others train to become what he calls a “PJ”. His blog/ Youtube Channel “How to be a PJ” has amassed over 10,000 subscribers turning his niche into a highly profitable business.


In this exciting interview, you’ll learn:


  • How this trainer turned his unique experiences into a super successful niche training service, and how you can do the same!
  • How to use Youtube as a sales funnel and get new clients to come right to you
  • How to create a niche content strategy that actually works

Meet the Speakers


Anthony Vennare (4)

Brian Silva

Owner + Founder @ Be a PJ

Meet Brian Silva. the former United States Airforce Pararescueman (PJ), PJ Team Leader, and Pararescue Indoctrination Instructor Supervisor who runs his own training business, Be a PJ, that specifically trains individuals for this highly specialized and extremely demanding career. Launching Be a PJ in November 2017, Brian has already secured a comfortable position as one of ABC Trainerize’s top performing trainers.