How to Thrive with Sustainable Health and Fitness

Featuring TZ Awards Winner, Lexie Ward, From Lady The F Up




Learn how fellow FitPro, Lexie Ward, is absolutely crushing her goals!


Lexie is a WBFF Pro Competitor that struggled with major digestive issues and food intolerances for the first 22 years of her life. Despite being a high-level trampoline National Gymnast she found herself constantly bloated, low in energy and dealing with chronic injuries due to poor recovery.


While also overcoming disordered eating from this experience, Lexie pivoted her challenges into strengths by focusing on gut health, mindset, lifestyle and fitness in a way that is sustainable for longevity. She brings all of this wisdom in this webinar.


You will learn:


  • What drove her to start her business and work with women
  • What had her decide to use ABC Trainerize and get the custom branded app What were some of the major breakthroughs that allowed her to level up her business
  • What are some of the common struggles she sees with women and how she leverages custom programming
  • What was the impact of winning the TZ Collective Award: Remarkable Results with Nutrition.

Meet the Speakers


Anthony Vennare (2)Lexie Ward

Owner + Head Coach at the LadyTheFup


Lexie is one of the Owners at LadyTheFup, a Toronto-based online fitness and nutrition coaching business run by women FOR women! They use fitness as a vehicle to enhance and enrich the lives of the women they work with; teaching them how to become stronger, healthier, but most importantly to become the best versions of themselves.