Moving beyond traditional: How to revolutionize your business by leveraging flexible membership options




moving beyond traditional

In today’s fitness industry, flexibility and convenience reign supreme.


These factors usually sit at the top of consumer must-have lists while searching for their next health or fitness solution. Yet fitness club and studio memberships remain largely unchanged, rooted in the standard approach of decades past.


In this innovative session, we’ll look at how to move past the traditional membership model and revolutionize your business by offering flexible membership options. You’ll walk away with an easy-to-follow action plan and specific examples of membership options you can use right now to center yourself in your clients’ fitness lifestyles, place your studio on the cutting edge of consumer demand, attract and retain more members, and boost your revenue.


You’ll learn:


  • How to develop flexible and convenient membership options that deliver what members want
  •  How to leverage hybrid services in your business (and why they’re the future of fitness and your business growth)
  •  How to develop upsell paths and conversion funnels that build member retention and scale your revenue
  •  How to grow your business by adding new services, digitizing existing ones, and becoming a digital brand.

Meet the Speakers


HArmonieTiffani Bassi

Certified Personal Trainer + Product Education Specialist @ ABC Trainerize

Tiffani is a Product Education Specialist at ABC Trainerize. She’s also the founder & personal trainer at Train with Tiff. Four years into her career, looking to make an even bigger impact, she was drawn to working in the fitness technology industry and joined the team at ABC Trainerize. Tiffani is passionate about movement and helping others—at ABC Trainerize, she empowers thousands of trainers to better support their clients—resulting in more people finding success in their health and fitness journeys. Tiffani hopes to inspire new trainers to follow their passions and build rewarding careers. Tiffani enjoys working with all levels of clients, from beginners to professional athletes. She is certified through BCRPA as well as FMS Level 1&2 and Precision Nutrition Level 1.