How to Grow a Sustainable Business with Authenticity and Simplicity

Featuring Eric Champ of Champ City Holistic Fitness

Eric Champ

Discover how to grow a sustainable fitness business.


In this webinar, Eric will chat about how he got started with his Champ City Holistic Fitness business at the age of 36 back in 2020 and has pivoted in many directions from in-person mobile training to full online throughout the pandemic.


You will find out more about:


  • Why Eric chose to start a business of Personal Training
  • What it took for him to move from having a mobile gym on wheels to fully remote
  • How long it took him to build a sustainable business that supports him and how others can as well
  • Why and how Eric has such a great mindset when it comes to business and why this has played a major role in his success
  • What he learned about hiring support and some top key advice he offers other business owners about this.

Meet the Speakers


Eric Champ HeadshotEric Champ

Certified Personal Trainer + Owner of Champ City


Eric Champ is a Personal Trainer and business owner that has a holistic approach to attainable fitness, training, body transformation, and overall wellness. His business is committed to opening doors to a more energetic, fitter, and happier you. Eric fully understands the power of a total life transformation, and everything he does comes from the passion of trying to pay it forward~