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Tips for building a better social media presence



Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the biggest marketing channels for many business owners and fitness professionals.


Join us in this webinar and you will learn how to leverage the features of the social media platforms so that you can use these tools to get your message, your purpose, your services and your offers out into the world to the clients you wish to work with!


You'll learn how to:


  •  Define where your audience is & what platform they like to hang out on
  •  Give value by sharing relevant educational content (videos, posts, etc.)
  • Create a community of followers & ideal clients
  • Add a ‘shop’ or links where your clients can buy from you
  • Consider different forms of paid advertisement on your main platform
  • Leverage other online communities to Network & attract your ideal clients into your own online space.

Meet the Speakers



Kehla Guimond

Certified Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach, + Brand Specialist @ ABC Trainerize

Kehla is passionate about helping people. It's one of the reasons she became a personal trainer and Spiritual Mindset Coach. When she isn't working directly with clients, Kehla hosts the podcast: living in fierce alignment—a go-to channel to learn more about Human Design, Gene Keys, mindset, manifestation & spirituality.