ABC Trainerize Onboarding Session

Grow your online business and sell more coaching with ABC Trainerize





trainerize onboarding

In this Webinar you will learn how you can use ABC Trainerize to:


  •  Create a business model with more flexibility and resilience (adapting to the changing needs of your clients!) 
  •  Build digital products and sell your services online (getting set up on ABC Trainerize) 
  • Upselling add-on products (programs, habit coaching, and nutrition) 


We will then teach you how to get started with ABC Trainerize, walking you through a step-by-step guide:

  • STEP 1: General Account set-up + Walkthrough
  • STEP 2: Adding how to create a program using a template
  • STEP 3: How to send a program to your clients
  • STEP 4: How to Create a 100% At-Home Program and sell it on Social Media + Explaining hybrid training and how to implement it once gyms start opening.
  • STEP 5: How to prescribe habits and nutrition in the app (up-selling add-on products!)
  • STEP 6 - How to create groups to keep social motivation alive remotely STEP 7 - How to host an “At home Challenge”

Meet the Speakers


Group 4 (7)Brittany Mayers

Customer Success Coach - Enterprise Specialist @ ABC Trainerize