How Wisconsin Athletic Club Expanded into Digital Fitness with Trainerize

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In 2020, every business in the fitness industry had to adapt to keep their doors—literal or figurative!—open. At Trainerize, we work to support fitpros in their efforts and have been so inspired by what trainers and clubs have done!

Meet Nikki Wille, the club’s Director of Fitness, and Amanda Tikalsky, one of WAC’s personal trainers and group fitness instructors. With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry between them, these pros know the fitness consumer—both have dedicated their careers to helping clients—and knew they needed to support their customer base when COVID-19 hit.

Learn how Wisconsin Athletic Club put Trainerize to work in their business to:

  • Adopt digital fitness for a large-scale gym
  • Maintain session numbers despite stay-at-home orders, and
  • Provide work-life balance for trainers

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