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Get to know ABC Trainerize's Studio Plan

About ABC Trainerize

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What is ABC Trainerize? 


ABC Trainerize is a member engagement app, white-labelled to your business as if it’s your very own. Think: our technology + your brand = ABC Trainerize studio. 

ABC Trainerize is an exceptional way to offer more diverse services to your members. Fitness studios can enhance their in-person training, take it online, or offer a hybrid model. With powerful add-ons like video coaching, nutrition, and payment integrations, ABC Trainerize can help you keep your members engaged and on track. 

We find the most success with business that identify as: personal trainers, personal training profit centers, health/lifestyle coaches, nutrition coaches, corporate wellness, and any group fitness gym looking to go hybrid by offering online options. 

To help fitness studios grow, we offer great integrations with member management software like ABC Glofox or Mindbody. As well as, CRM tools like Trello or ActiveCampaign. Plus with Zapier, we unlock the ability to integrate with even more tools.



How does ABC Trainerize Differentiate from Competitors? 


ABC Trainerize is simple to use for your trainers, and even easier for your members. Once you get your trainers and members uploaded and use our technology, it's hard to go back. 

ABC Trainerize is a 360-degree coaching app that focuses on fitness, nutrition and habits, and puts engagement first through our group chat, personal messaging, and video coaching capabilities. We offer powerful features to help studios streamline their business, both for managers and business owners and for trainers. 

We integrate with the best in the biz, including wearables your members love to use; making it even easier for you to stay updated on things like their activity levels, health metrics, and more! 

And, we're only getting better. Our team releases new features all the time, giving you even more ways to deliver the best member experience and more ways to scale and grow your business. 



Can I use it for Class Scheduling?  


At ABC Trainerize, we've designed our scheduler and payment system with independent coaches and small studios in mind. If you're using our Stripe Integrated Payments add-on as your payment processor, you'll be able to use our basic class booking feature, allowing your clients to book their sessions in your calendar with a few easy taps. So if you don't already have software like Calendly or Acuity in place, our system can help! 

Learn more about how you can use our class booking feature here. 


I want to reduce the number of platforms clients have to use. Is it an all-in-one solution? 


ABC Trainerize is a comprehensive fitness platform that offers a wide range of features to enhance your training experience. With ABC Trainerize, you can enjoy daily communication, group chats, personalized training programs, nutrition and habit tracking, live video coaching, on-demand video offerings similar to Netflix, seamless e-commerce integration through Stripe, and basic class bookings.

If you're a fitness studio who needs more complex CRM or MMS functionalities, we've created seamless integrations with top software like ABC Glofox, Mindboy, Wellness Living, VirtuGym. And, for the ones not listed here, we've partnered with Zapier to make the process just as easy. 

Integrating into a CRM or MMS software allows you to leverage the best of both worlds and offers you the ability to have a 'VIP' training app. Positioning it as VIP, not only do you enhance clarity for your members, but you can leverage it for upselling and generating new revenue streams.


About the Studio Custom Branded App (CBA)

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How customizable is the CBA?


The Studio Custom Branded App gives you the opportunity to make our app your own by adding your brand's personal touch. Here's how we do it:

1) Branded App Icon: Your app will have a unique icon that represents your business and brand. It will show up in the Apple and Google Play stores so people can easily find and recognize it.

2) Logo Inside the App: We'll put your logo throughout the app, so whenever your clients use it, they'll see your brand's symbol and feel connected to your business.

3) Splash Screen: When clients log in, they'll see a screen with your logo and colors. It's like a welcome mat that sets the mood and shows that they're in your branded space.

4) Consistent Branding: Throughout the app, we'll use your brand's colors, making everything look consistent and cohesive. It will be like your brand has its own app.

Think of our Studio Custom Branded App as a way to make our app look great with your brand. We take care of all the technical stuff and maintain the app for you, so you can focus on your business and clients.

If you want to see examples of how other businesses have personalized their Studio Custom Branded Apps, check out this link here.



What’s the difference between all CBAs?


Each plan offers a different type of App, each with its own benefits and level of customization. Let's break them down: 

1. Pro Plan: With the Pro plan, you can brand your app within ABC Trainerize. This means you can customize it with your own logo and colours, creating a personalized touch within our app.

2. Studio Plan: The Studio plan takes it a step further. You get your very own app that is white-labelled, meaning it carries your brand's identity. It's like having your own customized app specifically tailored for your business, but for a fraction of the price. 

3. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan offers an elevated member experience. In addition to a white-labeled app, you'll have access to exclusive features like icon packs, widgets, and e-commerce options. These features are all branded, giving your app a premium look and feel.

Each plan offers its own level of customization and benefits to enhance your brand and provide a unique experience for your clients. To understand the differences in more detail, you can refer to this helpful article here.


How much does it cost for the custom branded app? 


The studio custom branded app is included in all studio subscriptions! 

Note: Apple will charge $99/year to host your app, however, and you’ll need that paid for before we can publish your app. 



Is there any cost to my clients or members to use the app? 


There is no additional cost for your members/clients to use the app other than what you decide to charge them for access to your services! 

We just bill you, then it’s up to you how to offer it. This way you have full control over your product and services.  



Do you offer any way to transfer data from another platform? I don’t want to have to start again. 


With open API, you can import data from ABC Trainerize to other softwares. And, if you're looking for someone to do it for you, we have experts trained on our open APIs that you can hire to help you transfer the data.

If you're using MMS platforms like ABC Glofox or Mindbody, we do have a seamless integration to help you easily sync your members from one app to another.



Can I use it for Scheduling?


At ABC Trainerize, we've designed our scheduler and payment system with independent coaches and small studios in mind. If you're using our Stripe Integrated Payments add-on as your payment processor, you'll be able to use our basic class booking feature, allowing your clients to book their sessions in your calendar with a few easy taps. So if you don't already have software like Calendly or Acuity in place, our system can help! 

Read more about our basic class booking here. 

What’s the setup process for the branded app? Cost, timeline, steps? 


The setup process for the Studio Custom Branded App usually takes 4-6 weeks, but can take up to 8 to be fully published. 


There are several steps you'll need to take (ex. signing up for a DUNs number, registering your business as an LLC, and getting your Apple developer account verified) that may take a few weeks. However, while you wait, you'll be able to work on the backend of your account setting everything up flawlessly with your Studio Onboarding Specialist. 

 *Note: You’ll also receive 4 FREE onboarding calls to help you set up the platform while the branded version is being made. To see a visual breakdown on how to studio onboarding process works, we've created an infographic for you



What’s the benefit of the Studio CBA? Vs the Pro CBA? 


By choosing the Studio Custom Branded App, you unlock several powerful benefits that enhance your business presence and member experiences. Here's why it's a game-changer:

1) Increased Visibility: Your business gets its own listing in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring more exposure and attracting potential clients.

2) Consistent Branding: We color-code your app to align with your brand, creating a cohesive and professional look that enhances marketing efforts and delivers a seamless experience for members.

3) Professionalism and Credibility: A fully branded app establishes a strong sense of professionalism and credibility, helping you stand out in a competitive fitness market and attract new customers.

4) Cost-Effective Solution: With our Studio Custom Branded App, you receive a branded app at a fraction of the cost of building your own. We also handle all maintenance and updates, saving you time and resources.

Choosing the Studio Custom Branded App empowers your business with a professional, branded app that enhances your visibility, marketing efforts, and credibility—all at a cost-effective price.


Is it possible to completely remove ABC Trainerize branding on the Studio plan? 


The studio custom branded app is branded to your business in 99% of the app. There are a few areas that the ABC Trainerize branding will show. These areas are the web URL, the checkout page of Stripe, and quickly when the app powers up. These areas are unable to customized to your brand. 


Is it possible to remove the ABC Trainerize welcome video? 


The ABC Trainerize welcome video cannot be removed from the studio custom branded app. The only plan where the welcome video can be removed is on the Enterprise plan. To learn more about our Enterprise plan, follow the link here.

If you want to see examples of how other businesses have personalized their Studio Custom Branded Apps, check out the link here.

About our Features

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What’s the difference between Pro and Studio? Can I start on Pro and upgrade anytime? 


The ABC Trainerize Pro Plan and Studio Plan differ in a few different ways: 


Pro Plan
1) App - The pro-branded app has limited branding capabilities and does not have an independent listing in the Apple or Google Play Store

2) Add-ons - On the pro plans, you can purchase all of our powerful add-ons for additional costs. These add-ons include meal planner, stripe access, and video coaching. 

3) Integrations - On pro plans, you'll be able to use 3rd party integrations through Zapier. 

4) Self-serve - With the pro plans, you'll be able to take advantage of all of our online resources, help articles and coaches to get your app up and running. 

Our Pro plan is perfect for coaches who are just starting out or beginning to scale their client count. You can upgrade anytime and pay only for the client count you need. 

Studio Plan
1) App - The studio custom-branded app has more customizable features including app listing icon, in-app colours, logo, and in-app interface. Plus, your app will have its own Apple and Google Play store listing

2) Add-ons - On the studio plan, all of our powerful add-ons are included in your monthly (or annual) subscription. This includes meal planner, stripe access, and video coaching. 

3) Integrations - With our studio plans, you'll have exclusive access to our most powerful integrations with top software like ABC Glofox and Mindbody, plus open API access to import/export data to 3rd party apps. 

4) White glove onboarding experience - All studio plans receive a tailored onboarding experience to support getting started on ABC Trainerize. You’ll receive 4 free onboarding calls with your own dedicated specialist. Utilizing our onboarding specialists, you'll shorten the setup cycle by 2-3 months and start earning more within a few short weeks. Our team understands how businesses just like yours can run their business with all of our best features. 

The Studio plan is great for brick/mortar businesses and medium to large online businesses, beginning with a 500-client cap to offer the app to all your clients and more as you scale.


What’s the difference between Studio and Enterprise? 


Enterprise is our top tier plan on ABC Trainerize. Businesses that tend to use our enterprise accounts are franchises, celebrities, and large health and fitness clubs. 

The key charactistics that separate Enterprise from Studio are: 

1) Minimum 5 location requirement, best for brick/mortar franchises. (Can be used by large online businesses / celebrities / influencers, as well). 

2) Customer support directly available for your clients, and an account manager assigned to you for life

3) Elevated branding (icon pack, widgets, e-commerce) 

4) Price is custom according to client count

If you are a new business, or a business looking to scale, you can begin on Studio and upgrade to Enterprise at any time. Learn more about the Enterprise plan here. 


I want to offer online programs that clients can buy. Is that possible with ABC Trainerize? 


Using the Stripe integration included in your studio plan, you can create products and assign clients workouts, meal plans, and an entire onboarding journey unique to that product. We automate the whole process so all you have to do is check in with clients! All integrations and automation are included in the Studio plan subscription. 

The same is possible with our Mindbody integration, and shortly, ABC Glofox! 

If you have another payment processor, it’s possible to use our open API or Zapier to create a trigger that adds new purchasers to the app, along with a program.


What does the Studio Plan include?


ABC Trainerize's Studio Plan includes all of our most powerful features in one bundled plan. 


Here's what's included: 

1) Depending on your studio plan, you can have up to 500 clients (Studio Plus) or up to 5000 (Studio Max).

2) Unlimited number of trainers to deliver a seamless experience to your clients. 

3) 1 studio location (more can be added for additional cost).

4) Studio Custom Branded App designed to match your studio's branding. 

5) Advanced Nutrition Coaching complete with our smart meal planner allowing you to quickly generate meal plans for your clients based on their caloric goals, macro split, schedule, and dietary preferences.

6) Stripe Integrated Payments allow you to sell your products online, take payments, and automated product delivery.

7) 500 Video coaching minutes allowing you to deliver a hybrid coaching model to your clients like live and on-demand video classes, and virtual coaching sessions; introducing more options to your members.  

8) Habit & lifestyle coaching where you can set daily, weekly, or monthly reminders to your members.

9) Access to our business integrations with MMS platforms like MindBody, ABC Glofox, and more! 

10) Four 1-on-1 onboarding calls to help set your studio up for success. 


Plus everything is included in our Pro plans! Our studio plan is great for any fitness studio or coach who is looking to utilize ABC Trainerize's most powerful features and deliver a seamless member experience. 


Does the studio plan offer tracking tools for coaches?


You have access to valuable tracking features within ABC Trainerize. These include monitoring your trainer's client compliance (percentage of completed workouts) and client engagement (number of logins per week). Additionally, you can easily view the number of clients each trainer has, allowing for efficient client distribution.

To ensure proactive communication, an auto tag feature can notify you if a client hasn't received a message from their trainer within a specified timeframe, such as one week.

For more advanced capabilities and information, consider exploring the exclusive perk of connecting to ABC Trainerize's API. This allows you to harness additional functionalities. If needed, our experts are available to assist you in setting up this integration.

How easy is it to program on ABC Trainerize? I’m currently using google sheets/excel… 


ABC Trainerize’s programming tool is simple and easy to use and customize. Utilizing our programming tool, you're able to keep all your workouts in one place for your Trainers to use across their clients. 


It starts with building a master workout where you can drag and drop exercise videos into your template by either adding in your own customer videos, utilizing our library of 1200+ videos, or finding ones on YouTube to use. 


Once you have your master workout built, it's easy to copy and duplicate workouts across your entire team - saving everyone hours on programming. And, even better, you can standardize what good programming looks like for your member base. 

If you're looking for more resources on how to start building programs, check out this blog here.

Can you run group challenges on ABC Trainerize? 


Using ABC Trainerize's powerful features, many of our customers run effective, engaging challenges on our app. And soon enough, we’ll have leaderboards within our groups to make it easier! 


With ABC Trainerize's studio plan, we make it simple for you to onboard new members through our powerful integrations with Stripe, Mindbody, ABC Glofox, and many more. 


Your coaches will be able to enroll participants, track your members, and easily score to find the winner. 


Wondering if group challenges are right for you, here are some fun fitness challenges you can implement into your training. 


Multiple coaches will be working with 1 client. Is it possible to have them all communicate in one place, and for coaches to track their data together? 


The studio plan makes it easy to keep all communication in one place with members. Using different team permissions, you can enable the ability to have multiple coaches per client. Or another option is to create a group chat between trainers and clients. 




About our Integrations

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I use (Virtuagym, Wellness living, GymMaster, PushPress, etc). Does ABC Trainerize integrate with them?


ABC Trainerize offers integrations with top MMS platforms like ABC Glofox and Mindboy. For other MMS like Virtuagym, Wellness Living, GymMaster, PushPress, etc, we have partnered with Zapier to allow for a seamless connection between the two platforms



I want to run reports on my coaches and my clients. Is that possible with Studio? 


ABC Trainerize Studio plans offer a range of reporting and analytics tools that allow you to track and analyze data on both your coaches and clients.

With ABC Trainerize Studio, you can generate reports on a variety of metrics, such as client progress, coach performance, and business performance. Some of the reporting features available in ABC Trainerize Studio include:


    • Client metrics: Track client progress, engagement, and activity levels over time. Monitor key metrics such as weight, body fat, and workout completion rates.
    • Coach metrics: Analyze coach performance and activity levels. Track metrics such as response time, client retention, and revenue generated.
    • Business metrics: Monitor overall business performance and financial metrics. Generate reports on revenue, expenses, and client acquisition and retention.

Overall, ABC Trainerize Studio offers a powerful set of reporting and analytics tools that can help you track and analyze data on both your coaches and clients. By leveraging these tools, you can make data-driven decisions that improve your business operations and client outcomes.


How does the integration with ABC Glofox work?


Our new ABC Glofox integrations allows you to seamlessly sync your members from ABC Glofox over to ABC Trainerize and vice versa. It allows you to keep up to date on your members regardless of the platform you're in. Check out more on our integration here. 

We'll be releasing more updates between the two platforms soon!













How does the integration with Mindbody work? 


The ABC Trainerize X Mindbody integration lets you easily sync clients, contracts, and appointments. With this integration, clients can purchase a contract in Mindbody and automatically receive an invitation to set up their ABC Trainerize account.

You can also automate product assignments by setting up rules that assign a program to a client after they purchase a contract. Additionally, when a contract expires, the client will automatically lose access to the app.

The appointment sync feature ensures that appointments booked in Mindbody are automatically added to the ABC Trainerize appointment calendar. This way, clients can conveniently check their scheduled appointments with their trainer on the ABC Trainerize app.

The ABC Trainerize X Mindbody integration is a great way for fitness studios to enhance their member experience. Check out more on our Mindbody integration here. 


How does the integration with Stripe work? 


The Stripe integration provides a smooth payment experience for your clients. Once you set up the integration, you gain the ability to create products on ABC Trainerize and automate the entire client journey.

This powerful automation tool allows you to assign clients to specific trainers, subscribe them to workout programs, and add them to groups. Plus, you'll have the flexibility to apply discount codes for any promotions you want to run.

With ABC Trainerize's Stripe Integration, you can put automations in place to make the sales process effortless, so you focus on more important matters - your client's health. Check out more on our Stripe integration here. 



How does open API work? What can I do with that? 


Our open API enables enhanced data extraction and opens up the ability to connect a variety of software to ABC Trainerize, even if there isn't a built-in integration available. 

For more hands-on help with utilizing our open API, we recommend reaching out to our trusted partners at Fitness Marketing Machine for more information. You can book a free consultation with them using this link.


How to get started

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What are the next steps once I sign up? 


"Once you upgrade to a Trainerize studio plan, you’ll have full access to all of Trainerize's powerful features in your existing account and app. 

You'll receive and open your ‘getting started on the branded app’ email from the onboarding team. It contains the following: 

  • A booking link to book your first training call. Do this first to be assigned your personalized onboarding rep.
  • An intake form for your logo, icon, and color palette for the branded app.
  • Instructions on how to get started on an Apple Developer account (if you don’t already have one). 


When the branded app is ready, you’ll simply send the link to download the new app to clients. When they do, they’ll have the same login info, and everything will be transferred over seamlessly. No need to sign up again or import data. They can delete the old app at this time. 

The Studio Custom Branded App process usually takes 1-2 month set up time frame (on average). The quicker you have your branding material into our app team, the sooner we can launch. And the sooner you book your onboarding calls, the faster you’ll be able to build out your systems to save you time! 


How does billing work/what’s the commitment term? 


We don’t do contracts, so you can cancel or upgrade your studio plan at any time. Choose between a month-to-month subscription ($250-350/month USD), or an upfront annual payment for a 10% discount ($2700-$3780/year*). 

*Cost dependent on client limit; Host up to 5000 members on Studio Max.


Are there any start-up fees? 


No, not with us! Everything is wrapped into our monthly rate.   

Note: There is a $99 fee to get Apple set up.



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