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Build, Grow, Inspire. How to scale your business without losing your personal touch.

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The Key to Scaling Your business Without Sacrificing Quality

In this TZ Collective session, our guests talk about how you can grow your fitness business while keeping the same quality services, what are the biggest challenges and how to approach building infrastructure into the operations.

They are sharing their experience around scaling a fitness business and how to manage new people in a way that still feels personal and efficient at the same time, how to provide quality communication at scale, and much more.


Shannon Fable
Nick Finch

Retain & Grow: Keeping Clients Engaged and Churn Rate Low


Adam Becker

Automations to Power Your Business


Tristan Rushworth

Embracing the Hybrid Model as a Gym or Studio


Anthony Webber

Fuel your clients’ success: How to Grow Your Fitness Biz with Nutrition Coaching Strategies

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Nutrition Coaching - a Game Changer for Personal Trainers

Nutrition is essential in helping our bodies function properly: from staying healthy to being able to undertake everyday activities to crushing fitness goals.

It is even more important when it comes to your clients' fitness routines.

They need the right nutrition to be successful in their fitness journeys—so why wouldn’t you be the one to support them?


Trevor Chong
Sharad Mohan

Unpacking ‘Diet Culture’ to Give Better Advice


Krista Scott-Dixon

Dom Matteo

Taylor Patterson

The Physiology of Wellbeing - Coaching with Intention & Food


Oliver Patrick

Frameworks for Fitpros - How Meal Planning Fits in you Perfect Program


Michael Chu

Empower your Clients with Food - How TZ Awards winner Lexie Ward Impacts Women Around the World


Lexie Ward

THE FULL CIRCLE: How a 360° Approach to Coaching Can Grow Your Business

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The Role of a Personal Trainer

Technology has revolutionized the way people work out, eat, and lead their daily lives. In this session, our guests will talk about what it means to be a personal trainer in this new era.


Anthony Vennare

Sharad Mohan

Striving & Thriving: How Mindset & Lifestyle Are Major Keys to Coaching


Bonnie Patterson

How to Create a Holistic Business That Incorporates Nutrition, Healthy Habits & Fitness


Amber Reid

How Healthy Habits Help Transformation


Eric Champ

TZ Awards 2021

This is our first TZ Awards Gala. Watch now to find out the winners for 2021!

Sell Smarter, Not Harder: Proven Sales Strategies for Fit Pros

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Create, Sell Deliver: The Key to Rock Solid Sales

A big part of any business is having a rock-solid approach to sales. Learn from these top leaders who have loads of advice to share on everything from business process to handling objections and mindset.

Andrew Sparks
Jono Petrohilos
Alex Povey

Word of Mouth: How to Transform Customers into Promoters

Michelle Roots

Learn to Diversify your Revenue Streams

Drew Manning

How to Upsell with Video Coaching

Tony Smith
& Tiffany Bassi

Scale with Online Sales: Expanding to a Hybrid Model for Gyms & Studios

Alex Hormozi
Rick Mayo
Greg McCoy
& Farhad Gulamhusein

Train Your Brain: Marketing & Social Media Bootcamp for FitPros

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Brand First: Why A Strong Brand Is the Key to Your Online Business

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe
Dai Manuel
& Laura Dunlop

Les Mills Blueprint to Digital Strategy

Jean-Michel Fournier
& Sharad Mohan

The Glute Guru On Building a Brand That’s Anything but Boring

Aden Gazi

Like, Follow, Share: Blowing Up your Business With Instagram

Michelle Riley
Quan Bailey
& Sarah Holden

Broadcast your Brand: YouTube & Podcast Strategies for your Fitness Business

Steve Hall

In the Club: How to Join the Conversation in Clubhouse

Larry Howard

The Big Flex: How These FitPros Took Their Businesses Online

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#Trending: What’s Next for the Fitness Industry?

Understand why the pandemic changed the behaviour of clients' and what their new habits are. Learn how to grow your brand and scale your business!

Ted Vickey,
Bryan O’Rourke
& Sharad Mohan

Shift to Online and Crush your Goals

How to Adapt to Online Training and Grow as an Entrepreneur

Jonathan Goodman
& Sharad Mohan

Six Figures with Social Media

Develop your Brand and Scale your Business

BeeAnna Cox
&  Sharad Mohan

From Rock Bottom to Rock on

How Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Can Help You Find Your Purpose

Nelao Nengola

Take Your Tech To Go

Integrating Wearable in Your Fitness Business

Alexandra Yembele
Chris Edwards
& Sharad Mohan