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Embracing the Hybrid Model: How Revolution Fitness Digitized their Gym Using ABC Trainerize

Revolution Fitness is a Fitness studio based out of Dublin, Ireland. Their mission is to make exercise enjoyable and something people look forward to by building a community of like minded individuals focused towards the common goal of “look, feel and perform better”.



Transforming Member Experiences: How the Cobalt Club Revolutionized their Business through the ABC Trainerize and ABC Glofox Integration

Since leveraging the power of ABC Trainerize & ABC Glofox, Cobalt Club has seen their business grow tenfold. Their Hybrid training model has allowed them to reach new audiences and become more than an in-person studio. See how!



How the Cobalt Club Revolutionized their Business through ABC Trainerize

The Cobalt Club has built a high-functioning group personal training facility using the ABC Trainerize platform. They’ve developed a strategy with a custom app where they can better engage with their clients, book them into classes, train them holistically, and build a community around their member base.



A Healthy Body Starts With a Healthy Mind: How Fire Team Whiskey Keeps Clients in the Headspace for Success Using ABC Trainerize

With ABC Trainerize, Stephanie can easily run Fire Team Whiskey’s trauma resolution and coaching programs, nutrition programs and fitness programs — both in-person and online. See how she's scaled her business, and her future plans for Fire Team Whiskey!


How Tricore Wellness Adopted ABC Trainerize To Scale Their Corporate Wellness Business

For FitPros, it can be difficult to find the free time to focus on your business growth or to enjoy your downtime. A lot of this is down to believing that unless you’re actively training clients, you aren’t getting paid. This mentality makes it almost impossible to clear up time to relax, strategize and grow your business.  TriCore Wellness founder Chris Edwards knew that it didn’t have to be like this...

How Alloy Adopted a Tech Solution to Scale Their Fitness Franchise

To scale their fitness franchise, Alloy owner Rick Mayo was looking for a solution that could allow their trainers to train up to six clients at a time, but still, make the experience feel personalized. Enter ABC Trainerize...



TriCore + ABC Trainerize: A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

As he was expanding TriCore Wellness, Chris realized that he needed to find a better way to communicate with his growing clientele, and discovered that the solution was connecting with them online. This is how he found ABC Trainerize!

How BFITT Used ABC Trainerize to Build a Roster of Online Clients Around the World

As a solo entrepreneur and owner of BFITT Athletic Training and Fitness Institute, Brittany Harris splits her time between coaching a variety of athletes, covering sports events, mentoring young women and girls, and developing corporate workshops to share how to live an injury-free and healthy life.


How Totum Health is Using ABC Trainerize Studio to Successfully Scale Their Operations

Made up of a team of exercise physiologists (EPs) and personal trainers, Totum Health encourages their clients to think about exercise as something that can help improve their physiological as well as psychological well-being. Thanks to their unique business model, Totum Health has been growing exponentially.

How MUVFit Used ABC Trainerize to Engage Their Community During the Pandemic

MUVFit Personal Training is a boutique personal training fitness center that offers one-on-one and small group personal training, as well as group fitness classes. Daniel Meng founded MUVFit with the belief that everyone can benefit from the accountability of a coach and the support of a like-minded community.

Garage Gym is Thriving After Adopting a Hybrid Fitness Model

It was their members who were top of mind for Garage Gym’s trainers when the pandemic hit in 2020. They were forced to adapt! After realizing that their old software program did not have the functions to support their 280+ online members, Casey and his fellow trainers quickly decided to make the switch to ABC Trainerize

How a Custom Branded App Helped Train 4 Your Best Thrive in 2020

When the pandemic hit, Train 4 Your Best quickly reached out to ABC Trainerize for help developing and launching a custom branded app With their own customized app, they were able to deliver highly personalized training to each individual member. It's helped them take their client engagement to new heights.

Up and Adam: How a Taco-Loving Trainer Is Helping His Clients Stay Active While Staying Home

Adam Meadows is passionate about creating a powerful community built around killer workouts, healthy habits, and a love for food! Adam chose ABC Trainerize’s Studio plan, specifically designed to help brick and mortar businesses shift online, support their member needs, grow revenue, and increase business resilience.

Champion Method: How Two Brothers Combined their Passions for Fitness and Religion to Fill a Global Niche

As the founders of Champion Method, an online training and nutrition coaching company, brothers Muhammed and Imad have embraced a holistic approach to health that also incorporates spiritual wellness. They're on a mission to help people unlock their true potential through a mix of fitness and religious teachings, something they are both extremely passionate about.

How Wisconsin Athletic Club Expanded into Digital Fitness with ABC Trainerize

With the launch of their Virtual Live Training program in the early months of the pandemic, and then announcing their online training program in September 2020, Wisconsin Athletic Club is confidently and comprehensively leading their clients into the digital fitness space by leveraging the ABC Trainerize platform.

How ABC Trainerize Helped South Austin Gym Weather the Pandemic and Prep for Growth

The pandemic encouraged gyms, clubs, and trainers to get online and exceed their goals. Exhibit A: South Austin Gym. The Texas club chose ABC Trainerize to lead their pivot to online training, and levelled up their business, relationships, and processes in a big way.

Video Workouts are Changing the Game for Michelle Riley’s Online Training Business

As the owner and founder of online training and nutrition coaching company Fierce & Fit, Michelle has dedicated her career to helping her clients. Her goal is to help clients find the time and support they need to make health and wellness a priority… and now, video workouts is another way she delivers that support.

How ABC Trainerize Helps Anytime Fitness Live Up To Its Name

At Anytime Fitness, members get 24/7 access to over 4,000 worldwide gyms—plus personal training, group fitness, and a positive community. Learn more about how Andy Smith (Owner of three locations) has leveraged ABC Trainerize to diversify his program offerings and boost member engagement!

Family Values Keep GFT SPORT Crushing Goals

GFT SPORT provides an array of services; Both online and in-person training, as well as nutrition guidance, competition coaching, and bootcamp sessions. But their real strength is their exceptional team of coaches...

How Coach Cody is Helping his Clients Become their True Selves with ABC Trainerize

Cody Harman, or Coach Cody as he’s known online, is a NASM-certified personal trainer, a trained chef, and a bodybuilder. On Instagram and Youtube, Coach Cody shares his experience as a trans man. His transparency about his transition, bodybuilding efforts, and surgery updates have earned him a community of over 50,000 followers.

Alexandra Bruin Uses ABC Trainerize to Get Her Yoga Therapy Clients Moving—And It’s Working

Yoga teacher Alexandra Bruin discovered her fitness niche in a way that many businesses are born. She saw a gap in the industry, and realized she could fill it. Alexandra specializes in what she calls yoga therapy. She focuses on injuries and conditions affecting spines and joints, often for mature clients.

Trainer Spotlight: Ariana Fotinakis Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching

Ariana has been using Trainerize almost since the launch of her fitness business and says that the platform has grown with her, allowing her figure out what she wanted her business to be and what services she wanted to offer, while also helping to give her clients what they need to achieve their full potential.

Trainer Spotlight: Michelle Roots of Core Conditioning

There are thousands of trainers on the ABC Trainerize platform today but there is one trainer among them who has been around since day one and who has been using ABC Trainerize for nearly a decade to grow her online business alongside her brick and mortar fitness studio. Michelle Roots started online training when ABC Trainerize was just “a little app called Gym Technik” and throughout her career, she has become an expert in the online training space.

From Pararescueman to Fitness Entrepreneur: How ABC Trainerize Helped Brian Silva Make the Jump

Launching Be a PJ in November 2017, Brian has already secured a comfortable position as one of ABC Trainerize’s top performing trainers (based on sales made through ABC Trainerize Pay). With over 10,000 Instagram followers and another few thousand on Facebook and Youtube, Brian is a prime example of how passion and hard work can build something incredible—all in less than a year!

How Mike Monti Used ABC Trainerize to Triple His Client Numbers and Build an Online Fitness Business

For years, Mike Monti was an in-person fitness coach. As a solo entrepreneur and fitness business owner, Mike had managed to establish a relatively steady flow of clients, but was never fully satisfied with his level of reach, and craved to connect with more clients.

How Dedication Fitness Built an Online Training Business Using ABC Trainerize

Trainerspace is not your typical fitness club. Located in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, Trainerspace is a military veteran owned and operated state-of-the-art fitness facility, but unlike most gyms, this one puts an emphasis on the value of personal training and the benefits of one-on-one coaching.

Sean Currey was able to Increase Client Retention Rates and Offer More Services with ABC Trainerize

Sean started using ABC Trainerize two years ago when he was looking for an industry leader in online training services for personal trainers. He had used other software prior to discovering ABC Trainerize, but once he saw the features and innovative app design, he was certain ABC Trainerize would be the ideal platform for him.

Discover How PT x PT Doubled Their Personal Training Clients Using ABC Trainerize

Patrick Thompson runs a one-on-one personal training business through Anytime Fitness Peoria called Personal Training by Patrick Thompson (PT x PT). He is located in Central Illinois. Despite having a smaller market, Patrick is able to work with 70 clients.

How the Johnstown Tomahawks are using ABC Trainerize to Get an Edge on the Competition

Mike Letizia has been coaching the Johnstown Tomahawks for the full five years that they have been a member of the North American Hockey League. Along with the help of his Assistant Coach, Nick Shackford, they manage the health & fitness of around thirty hockey players. With ABC Trainerize, they don’t always have to be on their players, as they can send them workouts whenever, and from wherever suits them.

How Using ABC Trainerize Enabled Gym Class Athletics to Increase their Number of Clients

Stephen White, Founder of Gym Class Athletics, is a 28-year old Personal Trainer and Coach with over 7 years’ experience in training others, and an additional decade of experience in training himself. Stephen has established training systems to produce exceptional results time and again.

How ABC Trainerize, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal Make Life Easier for Me and My Clients

Check out how Michelle Roots leveraged new ABC Trainerize updates  to help make both her life and her clients lives easier, in hopes that it will also help your online business flourish.

How James David Fitness uses ABC Trainerize to Keep Clients Accountable

Accountability has to be one of the biggest factors when it comes to hitting your health and fitness goals. With the use of ABC Trainerize, a client can be kept accountable from anywhere in the world. The online features allow James David to update and create training plans within minutes, and with the recent integration of MyFitnessPal, he can easily monitor my clients’ nutrition plans.

The Real-Life Training Plan and Diet of a Professional Fitness Athlete

Andrea Leipert of Yaletown Fitness is a a skilled, dedicated and energetic Personal Fitness Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She has a diploma in fitness from the Fitness Institute of Australia, is CanFitPro Certified, and has certifications for teaching TRX, Kettlebell, Zumba, and more.

How I Motivate Clients Using Before and After Photos, Body Stats, and Video

Read how Certified Personal Trainer, Tim Hennigan, who is also a full-time Paramedic & Fire Fighter, and part-time EMT Instructor, keeps his clients driven to hit their fitness goals.

Growing Step by Step: How I Increased My Fitness Business by 480% in a Year

Johnny started personal training when he was sick of his desk job and when he started with ABC Trainerize he had three clients, which quickly grew to 25. He sells a premium service—a personal customized plan.  ABC Trainerize empowered Johnny to expand his business beyond his local community, and provide a very visual experience for his clients.

Training the Trainer: How ABC Trainerize Elevated My Fitness Business and My Self

Ruvi Makuni runs her business Fit Active Toned (F.A.T.) through ABC Trainerize. In this free download, she talks about how online training brings her many professional and personal benefits.